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InsightKIDs Complete Brain and Character Development Program


How to Put Your Child 2 Years Ahead of Their Age?
Independent research shows that children who attend InsightKIDs are ahead of their peers by up to 2 years. They are better able to communicate, socialize, manage their emotions and adapt to new environment.

InsightKIDs conducts various programmes to cater to the discerning parents seeking to stimulate and boost their children’s overall development.
InsightKIDs Complete Brain and Character Development Program utilises a holistic approach to maximise a child's developmental needs and their full potential. Using cutting edge data on neuroscience, psychology and child development, InsightKIDs’ customised program is specifically tailored to build analytical, creative, social and emotional intelligence for children aged 2-12years.

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Business Opportunities

InsightKIDs Licensing & Franchising Opportunities


Looking for a program that can significantly impact the lives of children while providing a strong income stream and the opportunity to start your own business? Or for an innovative program as a plus to your current kindergarten, school or education center?

If so, then InsightKIDs is the answer.

InsightKIDs management HQ is based in Malaysia and there are opportunities available to a select few to apply for the Malaysia Country License or individual licenses. Licensing is also opened interntaionally to other countries.

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Emotional Intelligence Training

At InsightKIDs, we believe that Emotional Intelligence plays a significant role in improving a child’s behaviour and raising levels of achievement in school. Past research has also shown that schools with an emphasis on Emotional Intelligence produce happier and well-rounded individuals who also achieve better academic results.

InsightCOACH, an affiliate of InsightKIDs, is a coaching program that provides Emotional Intelligence training and workshops for teachers to help provide them with the resources to create a safe, satisfying, caring and productive school environment. Our team of trainers will help teachers deliver vital skill sets of social and emotional competencies, thereby enabling them to foster future learning opportunities.

InsightCOACH is led by Michele Sagan, a Six Seconds certified trainer. Six Seconds is a world leader in Emotional Intelligence. Established in 1997, it is a global organization concerned with applying the science of emotional intelligence to various aspects of life.


Parenting Tips

Dealing with tantrums


Last month, we discussed various strategies you could use to teach your child the value of silence. This month, discover how you can deal with tantrums! Some children throw tantrums and some never do. Children throw tantrums as a way to express anger and frustration. If the behaviour is dealt with incorrectly, the child may learn to use tantrums to manipulate people and to gain attention. In dealing with tantrums, the ultimate goal is to teach the child acceptable ways of expressing anger.

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What the Experts Say

“Emotional Intelligence is vital and will determine a child’s success and happiness in life. The EQ program offered at InsightKids has been thoroughly researched and created with specific goals in mind each child works through each facet of the component.”
Ranita Rajandram, Psychologist BSc Psychology, MA, Child Development, MPH Public Health , Boston, USA

What Our Students Say

“I like coming to InsightKIDs because it is fun and it stimulates the mind. I like to do the brain exercises because they are fun, challenging and mind-boggling! I have learnt many things which I did not know previously and I think my memory skills have improved. Thank you for your effort, InsightKIDs.
(Vern Qing, 11)

What the Parents Say

“Since attending InsightKIDs, we have seen a great improvement in Sean's social skills and his ability to express himself. He has also taken a huge interest in his surroundings, thanks to the widespread topics taught at InsightKIDs. He enjoys attending InsightKIDs and has made many friends there. It is truly a great place for children to develop their overall potential.”
Eliza, Mum to Sean (4)